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Sunday, March 30th, 2003

New York Times (March 30, 2003)

This article is adapted from ”Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” published in May 2003 by W.W. Norton & Co.

The next day, when Billy Beane sits upright in his office, a few yards from Oakland’s Coliseum, he faces a wall covered entirely by a white board and, on it, the names of the several hundred players controlled by the Oakland A’s. Mike Magnante’s name is still on that board. Swiveling around to his rear, he faces another white board with the names of the nearly 1,200 players on other major league rosters. Ricardo Rincon’s name is on that board. At this point in the year Beane doesn’t really need to look at these boards to make connections; he knows every player on other teams that he wants, and every player in his own system that he doesn’t want. The trick is to persuade other teams to buy his guys for more than they are worth and to sell their guys for less than they are worth.

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